Cattle Farming Disinfectant – Chloramine-T
September 8, 2016

Cattle Farming Disinfectant Chloramine-T product is the perfect disinfectant for dairy cattle as it is effective against mentioned viruses and bacteria:

order clomid online canada Bacteria: Enterobacteria; E. coli; Listeria; Pseudomonas sp.; Salmonella sp.; Staphylococcus aureus; Streptococcus faecalis.

Viruses: Aujeszky disease virus; ECBO virus (orphan virus); Foot and mouth disease virus; Pox virus Vaccinia virus; Cow teat disinfection.

A disinfectant should be universal disinfectant and suitable for disinfecting cow teat as well as it should remove other contamination sources like bare hands and milking equipment’s.

safest place to buy propecia online Dilution Rates:

0.3% of Chloramine-T is used to disinfect cow teat, after each milking, or once in a day for non-lactating cows.

The milking equipment’s are disinfected to minimize the risk of contamination and improve the overall result. Farmers should also disinfect their hand while the cow teat by dipping their hands into 1% solution of Chloramine-T.

This is a product that fills up all disinfection needs of the cattle farming.