Dairy Equipment Disinfectant – Chloramine-T
September 8, 2016

Dairy Equipment Disinfectant


Chloramine-T has been proven to be dairy cattle disinfectant and effective against the following viruses and bacteria.

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Enterobacteria; E. coli; Listeria; Pseudomonas sp.; Salmonella sp.; Staphylococcus aureus; Streptococcus faecalis.

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Aujeszky disease virus; ECBO virus (orphan virus); Foot and mouth disease virus; Pox virus Vaccinia virus; Cow teat disinfection.

A complete disinfectant for dairy cattle should be suitable to disinfect cow teat as well as other sources of contamination like milking equipment, bare hands etc.

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Use 0.3% Chloramine-T solution to disinfect cow teat after each milking and once a day for non-lactating cows.

Milking equipment should also disinfected to minimize the contamination risk and increase the overall result by Chloramine-T. It is also suggest that farmers should disinfect their hands by dipping them into a 1% Chloramine-T solution while handling the cow teat.

Chloramine-T is a solution which covers up all disinfection needs of cattle farming.