Fish Disease Treatment – Chloramine-T
September 8, 2016

Fish Disease Treatment


It is a perfect treatment for bacterial infections and external parasitic. How to use:

Mix the product with the pond water in a clean bucket, then pour it evenly over the surface of the pond. Widely used by pond keepers and aquaculture industry, Chloramine-T is effective in treating pond surfaces, i.e. ponds without water, liners, equipment and nets. Wait for at least 10 days prior using any other treatment or re-treatment of Chloramine-T.

cheap colchicine canada Preventions:

It is recommended to not to use Chloramine-T in extreme bright sunlight.
The treatment should not be stored in very hot place. Dilution:

1:45,000 (1g for 45,000 Litres of Water)

Important Note:
Not to be used in ponds with Sturgeon, Tench, Orfe or Sterlet.