Surface and Building Disinfection – Chloramine-T
September 8, 2016

Surface and Building Disinfection


go to link Disinfectants are most commonly used in hospitals. Chloramine-T is active disinfectant against virus and bacteria which are found on the surfaces, equipment’s and in air conditions of hospitals.

source link There are guidelines developed on disinfectants usage for those involved with environmental hygiene, medical care and any other application to fight against infection by UNHCR together with the Medicines sans Frontieres in Paris. And these guidelines involve the use of Chloramine-T in medical environment. Guidelines for use:

For Open wounds/ burns: Use Chloramine-T at 5g/litre

For Instruments (pre-cleansing steeping): Use Chloramine-T at 20g/litre

For Instruments – (thorough disinfection): Use Chloramine-T at 20g/litre

It is appropriate to use Chloramine-T as an antiseptic for cleaning of infected wounds or mucosa as well as soiled wounds. It is also advisable to use is a disinfectant for medical surfaces and instruments.

The ready to use solution must not be kept for more than a week. The solution made for soaking instruments should be changed on a regular basis. The solution of Chloramine-T should be kept ideally in a brown or opaque bottle, away from light.