Water Treatment – Chloramine-T
September 8, 2016

Water Treatment


source url There are a number of chemical pollutants and organisms found in water which can cause human diseases. Organisms like viruses, bacteria, protozoa and some other parasites, leeches and guinea worm larvae. Therefore, the purification and treatment of drinking water began since the end of 19th Century and starting of 20th Century with the use of chlorine.

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http://crscolumbus.com/colonoscopy/ Nowadays, the states which are member of EU, use a variety of compounds for disinfecting the drinking water like chlorine dioxide, chloramines, ozone and chlorine.

http://vanbeverlawfirm.com/ Chloramine-T has organic release compounds has made its widespread use in the disinfection of surfaces. In municipal water systems, chloramine is usually used in low concentration as an alternative disinfectant to chlorination.

Chlorine is being replace by chloramine as it is more stable and does not deplete from the water till it reaches the consumers.